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Information about Sue-maree — her research, writing and presentations on communication — specifically in relation to her current book:


What's Going On?

Communication: What Hurts & What Works

Sue-maree McEnearney


About Sue-maree

"Hey! What's going on?!"

Sue-maree's "What's Going On?!" philosophy is causing quite a stir!

The book and related presentations explore what causes communication difficulties - and what we can do about it. 

At different times most people experience communication frustrations with colleagues, clients, family, friends, partners, children, people we've never even met before...

Sometimes it's in the context of our professional relationships - leadership, teamwork, employee engagement, sales, customer service... sometimes in the context of our personal relationships.

Fundamentally, the problem is always the same - so is the solution, which (like many things) is easy when you know how.

Sue-maree consults to businesses in the public and private sectors - Corporates, Non-profits, Schools, Governments; specifically Health & Education - applying the fundamental 'What's Going On?' communication principles to the specific area of need, whether it be leadership, teamwork, employee engagement, sales, customer service, conflict resolution.

She provides a fresh perspective on 'what's going on' and 'what we can do about it' - simple, practical, powerful strategies to handle even the most difficult communication situations with class and style to be proud of (and other people will admire!). Guaranteed to decrease stress, increase performance, productivity and profitability in your professional life, and 'success' in your personal life!

An award-winning international speaker, from the Gold Coast, Australia, Sue-maree has featured in newspapers and magazines, on radio and television.

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An expert in communication skills, Sue-maree is Author of the book "What's Going On?!" Communication: What Works & What Works. Available for Speaking engagements including Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops, Coaching and International Peace Talks. In the meantime, the book's available through the website, along with loads of free resources that explore "what's going on" and "what we can do about it."