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How to Stand Up for Yourself - Without Being A B!&@#!


Do you run into communication situations you don't like or want? People trying to push you around? Acting like they know it all? Judging? Criticizing? Shooting you down? Gossiping about you? 

Are there times you feel you can't get through to people? You're about to explode? You're cut to the core? Are there times it seems people don't care?

'hey! what's going on?'

And you say nothing because you 'don't know what to say' or you 'say something you wish you hadn't'?


Whether the situation is professional or personal (or both?!)...

If you'd like to be able to handle difficult communication situations without striking out and without sucking it up... without dominating or submitting... without being an 'ass' or a doormat...

If you'd like to be able to handle yourself with class and style you can be proud of (and other people will admire)...


Let's catchup over a morning coffee to workshop 'what's going on' and 'what we can do about it' - how we can stand up for ourselves (without being a b#@&!)!

A great way to start the day overlooking the beach at Le Monde Cafe, Kirra - and get set for the communication challenges of the day!


Wednesday, 5 May, 2010

8am - 8:45am

Le Monde Cafe, 2 Creek Street, Kirra

FREE for Invited Guests (that's you!)


For those who need to head off we'll be done by 8:45. If you'd like to stay a little longer for some individual coaching - I'll stay till we're done.

In the meantime, there's loads of FREE information on the website: - there's cartoons, videos, slideshows, articles and downloads - all based on the book; 'What's Going On?' Communication: What Hurts & What Works.

Part 1 of the book: 'What Hurts' is available;

More options;

If you're experiencing communication situations you don't like or want, come along and we'll workshop 'what's going on?' and 'what we can do about it!' - how we can stand up for ourselves with 'class' not 'bite'!



Reminder: It's FREE!

And if you think it wasn't worth your time - the coffee's on me!


Sue-maree -