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What experts are saying about "What's Going On?"

Dr Bob Rich is a Psychologist, Author and Editor. He's also a Director of the Australian Psychological Society. Here's what he says about "What's Going On?":

I've had the pleasure of editing Sue-maree McEnearney's book What’s Going On? Communication: What hurts & what works.

Of course, the charm of the book is in the pictures, which I had nothing to do with, but here I just want to say that the content, the message, is excellent.

I am a counselling psychologist of many years' experience, and have a very good knowledge of the kinds of communication that cause harm, and those that work to create harmony while allowing people to protect themselves.

Sue-maree has produced a delightful primer in assertive communication, one that worked for me.

Dr Bob Rich
Psychologist, Author, Editor
Director, Australian Psychological Society

Healesville, Victoria, Australia
May 2010


Dr William Wilkie is a Psychiatrist and Author. He's also a Past President of the Beyond Bullying Association in Australia. Here's what he says about "What's Going On?":

Workplace and schoolyard bullying are endemic in Australia, and the costs of lost productivity, repairing damaged lives and paying monetary compensation are too much for any rational society to continue paying out day after day.

In her book "What's Going On? Communication: What Hurts & What Works" Sue-maree clarifies for us how people can be hurt through the tactics of competitive power plays where the strategy is to win an expanded ego through crippling the competition. She then demonstrates how communication patterns aimed at achieving a cooperative approach actually improves workplace productivity and job satisfaction.

I think Sue-maree has written a book that may prove very influential. Her material should be taught in schools.

Dr William Wilkie
Psychiatrist and Author
Understanding Stress Breakdown
The Home Psychiatrist
Mystery Illness and the Unconscious Mind

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
March 2010


Janet, Teacher

Brilliant. I’ll be using this with my students as part of our Wellbeing well as using it in my personal life.


What's Going On?

Communication: What Hurts & What Works

Sue-maree McEnearney