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Contact Sue-maree to arrange a time and place for your seminar.
Phone: 0416 187 834


If bullying is an issue of concern...

The WHAT'S GOING ON? seminars shed a whole new perspective on bullying — What's going on, & What we can do about it:

  • why people bully

  • how they get away with it

  • different forms of bullying

  • effects of bullying on the bully, the target, and the bystanders

  • how a target can protect themselves from bullying

  • how a bystander can help stop bullying.


Situations and conversations that are difficult for most people, will be easy for you.

If you want to:

  • say no without feeling guilty

  • ask without demanding

  • decline without offending

  • say what you think without being critical

  • be discerning without being judgmental

  • disagree without arguing

  • communicate without confronting

  • be honest without being brutal

  • be confident without being arrogant

  • be accepting without being a doormat, &

  • stand up for yourself without being a bully. 

"What's Going On?" Communication Skills:
Build trust
Avoid misunderstanding
Resolve conflict and
Reduce stress.


  • Sue-maree, Speaker & Author


  • Keynotes, Workshops, Facilitations, Seminars
  • 1 hour, 2 hour, half-day, full-day programs 

Bookings, Phone Sue-maree:

  • Within Australia  0416 187 834
  • Outside Australia +61 416 187 834

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