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Do you run into communication situations you don't like or want? People trying to push you around? Acting like they know it all? Judging? Criticizing? Shooting you down? Gossiping about you? 

Are there times you feel you can't get through to people? You're about to explode? You're cut to the core? Are there times it seems people don't care?

And you say nothing because you 'don't know what to say' or you say something you wish you hadn't?

What's Going On?




How do we:

  • Ask for what we want without demanding?
  • Say what we think without being critical?
  • Be discerning without being judgmental?
  • Say no without feeling guilty?
  • Disagree without arguing?
  • Communicate without confronting?
  • Be honest without being brutal?
  • Be confident without being arrogant?
  • Be accepting without being a doormat?
  • Stand up for ourselves without being a bully?


If you'd like to be able to handle difficult communication situations without striking out and without sucking it up; without dominating or submitting; without being an ass or a doormat...

If you'd like to be able to handle yourself with class and style you can be proud of (and other people will admire) this site, the book, and live presentations explore what causes problems in communication "what hurts" & what we can do about it "what works".

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I think Sue-maree has written a book that may prove very influential. Her material should be taught in schools.


Dr William Wilkie
Psychiatrist and Author











...the content, the message, is excellent.

I am a counselling psychologist of many years' experience, and have a very good knowledge of the kinds of communication that cause harm, and those that work to create harmony while allowing people to protect themselves...this is communication research-supported to work.

Dr Bob Rich
Psychologist, Author, Editor
Director, Australian Psychological Society